Who doesn’t like to a good cat nap in the middle of the day? GERD sufferers, perhaps. A study published in the Clinical Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology [1] found that acid reflux during naps tends to be worse than when sleeping during the night. The study found three strikes against naps for GERD sufferers.

Strike #1: The number of reflux episodes is significantly higher during naps vs sleeping at night.

Strike #2: The duration of reflux episodes is higher during naps.

Strike #3: Acid lingers in esophagus longer during naps.

Some researchers attribute the severity of acid reflux during naps to the fact that most reflux episodes tend to occur during the 1 st half of the night [2]. Since naps are shorter, the number of reflux episodes, duration of reflux episodes, and acid exposure seem to be “front loaded” making napping difficult.

Naps are a great way to recharge and give your health a boost. In fact, a nap of 30 minutes or less promotes “wakefulness and enhances performance and learning ability” [3]. So don’t give them up just yet!

Tips for better naps:

  • Eat a lighter meal before your nap. Be sure to give food time ample time to digest.
  • Wear loose clothes so you don’t constrict your mid-section.
  • Nap with a MedCline Reflux Relief System! MedCline will keep you in the ideal inclined + side sleeping position so you can enjoy the many health benefits of napping with 100% natural acid reflux relief. And, you will sleep better during the night too.

Happy napping!

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