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With the MedCline Body Pillow.

Why Moms-to-be Fall in Love With
the MedCline Therapeutic Pregnancy Body Pillow

Side Sleeping

Enables effortless left-side sleeping, which is often recommended during pregnancy to improve circulation and deliver nutrients to your baby.


Shredded memory foam filling can be customized to your body, including creating a nest for your neck or adding the ideal support for your knees.

Seamless Design

Designed for left- or right-side sleeping with patented seamless inner curvature that won't dig into your neck, like other contoured body pillows.

“I ordered this as a surprise pregnancy gift for a friend, at the same time her husband ordered her an "official" pregnancy pillow on Amazon. Needless to say, the Amazon pillow was returned so fast!”
-Angela K.G., Verified Buyer

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Emerald's MedCline Story

When Emerald and Jonathan, a MedCline team member, found out they were pregnant they discovered unimaginable happiness.

When Emerald and Jonathan, a MedCline team member, found out they were pregnant they discovered unimaginable happiness. However, Emerald’s body soon changed and sleeping became more difficult and uncomfortable. Fortunately, Jonathan is an avid fan and user of the Therapeutic Body Pillow. Gifting Emerald his body pillow, she quickly appreciated its flexibility-of-use. Whether to:

  • Accommodate the little one, as she kicked out to let us know she was there.
  • Snugly fit in front of her body to take some of the strain off.
  • Comfortably curl through Emerald’s legs to support her back.

Now, post-pregnancy, Emerald continues to use her Therapeutic Body Pillow. Whether it’s to get some hard-earned sleep at night or much-needed rest during the day, or for a comfortable cushion to prop herself up against while feeding at night, Emerald has found endlessly creative uses for what is clearly now her body pillow. Suffice to say, Jonathan and Emerald now own two body pillows.


5 key benefits of the Therapeutic
Pregnancy Body Pillow

  1. Easily maintains the proper sleeping position for a much better night’s sleep
  2. Improves your nighttime comfort
  3. Relieves pressure on your lower back, shoulders, and back at every stage in your pregnancy
  4. Protects your belly by preventing rolling onto your back or stomach
  5. Helps to support you while nursing

What Makes Our Therapeutic
Pregnancy Body Pillow the Best?

  1. SIZE: Our Therapeutic Body Pillow comes in 2 sizes to provide custom support.
  2. SHAPE: Designed to rest between your knees, the Therapeutic Body Pillow is both effortlessly comfortable and helps relieve pressure on the lower back while sleeping.
  3. ADJUSTABILITY: The foam stuffing in our Therapeutic Body Pillow is adjustable based upon your preferences and evolving needs throughout your pregnancy.
  4. MATERIAL: Our Therapeutic Body Pillow is made for quality and durability, with a plush, washable case included (installed when delivered).
  5. HEALTH-CONSCIOUS: All CertiPUR-US® foam is made without phthalates or any other harmful chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Start Using a Maternity Pillow?

There is no specific time when you should start using the MedCline Therapeutic Pregnancy Body Pillow. Typically, women find that week 20 is about when they start to fully benefit from the pregnancy Therapeutic Body Pillow because the belly starts to grow and staying in a side-sleeping position becomes more difficult.

Why is it Bad to Sleep on Your Back While Pregnant?

Experts recommend avoiding sleeping on your back while pregnant, especially in the last two trimesters. The reason is that pressure toward your back disrupts blood flow to the uterus. The Therapeutic Pregnancy Body Pillow helps keep you in a side-sleeper position while you focus on sleeping and helps to further alleviate pressure on the lower back by allowing the bottom half of the pillow to rest between your knees.

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