How is Acid Reflux
Affecting Your Patients?

Nearly 20% of the US population has GERD.

Symptoms include:

Dental Erosion
Chronic Cough
And Many More

Prolonged esophageal acid exposure not only brings discomfort to your patients but can also lead to other serious health complications when not effectively treated.

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Registered US FDA Class I medical device

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Patented arm pocket design for side sleeping

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Creates a gentle incline of 15-20 degrees

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Made of Durable Medical Grade foams

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Comes in 3 different sizes for patient comfort

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8 completed clinical trials: Cleveland Clinic, USC, MUSC

How Do I Know MedCline Will Work for my Reflux Patients?

MedCline is Clinically Proven

We proudly stand behind our claim that MedCline is the most effective, natural treatment option available for nighttime acid reflux. Studied by top researchers in gastroenterology, MedCline has been proven time and time again to be significantly more effective than standard bed wedges or head of bed elevation.

…And the proof is in the results

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Lights out to sleepless nights

95% of patients reported an overall improvement in sleep quality when using MedCline

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Lights out to heartburn

93% of patients reported a reduction in nighttime heartburn when using MedCline.

Regurgitation icon stomach with acid coming out

Lights out to regurgitation

89% of patients reported a reduction in regurgitation and gagging at night due to reflux when using MedCline

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Lights out to damaging acid

87% less acid exposure in the esophagus was measured when using MedCline compared to a bed wedge

How do my patients get MedCline?

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The VA now covers MedCline for our Veterans.

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Patients can pay out-of-pocket using a credit card or utilizing our payment plan option.

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Patients can use their HSA/FSA funds to purchase MedCline.

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Private Insurance

MedCline is not covered through public and private insurance.

How does MedCline fit into the treatment pathway for my patients?

Patient Testimonials

Hear from many of the thousands who’s lives have been changed by MedCline.