MedCline is NOT a fancy bed wedge

8x More Effective

At Reducing Acid Exposure

33% Reduction

In Reflux Episodes

2x More Comfortable

As Reported By Users

man using acid reflux arm pocket

Patented Arm Pocket

The patented design of the MedCline System creates and maintains in ideal position for nighttime reflux relief. The arm pocket allows you to sleep comfortably on your side by reducing pressure on your downside arm and shoulder, while preventing you from sliding down during the night. Coupled with the proprietary body pillow, you will also remain on your side for relief all night long, night after night.

acid reflux pillow elevation

Provides Optimal Elevation

The MedCline System inclines your entire torso 15-20°. Proper torso elevation, not just elevating your head and neck, is extremely important for effective reflux relief. And, is much more comfortable.

man and wife sleeping on side with MedCline

Maintains Side Position

The MedCline System comes with a patented Therapeutic Body Pillow that stabilizes you on your side without rolling to your back. The proprietary blend of shredded memory foam within the body pillow allows you to adjust the stuffing to find what’s most comfortable for you.

Proven Relief. Unrivaled Performance.

The combination of sleeping elevated and on your side is unique to MedCline and is superior to any other wedge products or raising the head of the bed.

MedCline Bed Wedge Bed Risers
Degree of elevation 15-20º Varies greatly 5-8º
Elevates entire torso
On-demand use
Sleep-mate unaffected
Accommodates side sleeping
Arm/Shoulder relief
Maintains side position
Prevents sliding down
Adjustable suppor
Machine washable Covers Only

How much more effective is MedCline?

medcline product on white background
  • 87% decrease in esophageal acid exposure when compared to a bed wedge.
  • 91% compliance rate after 3 months of study completion.
  • 93% reported a reduction in heartburn.
  • 89% reported a reduction in regurgitation.
  • 75% improvement in LPR/Silent Reflux symptom scores.
  • 95% reported an improvement in overall sleep quality.
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“I’ve tried everything, then MedCline saved me!”