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MedCline is NOT a fancy wedge pillow.

You may have been searching online for a bed wedge or a natural treatment for acid reflux and come across MedCline. And though MedCline may look like a super fancy wedge, this patented Acid Reflux Relief System offers many distinct advantages over bed wedges and bed risers.

If you have tried a wedge or basic arthritis pillow without much relief, here are some reasons MedCline will be more effective:

  • Wedges and risers promote back sleeping, which can actually make reflux worse.
  • Wedges do not prevent you from sliding down all night long.
  • Wedges rarely elevate to a high enough angle for maximum relief.
  • MedCline inclines your entire torso, not just your head and neck, which is necessary for gravity to keep acid in your stomach.
  • MedCline is designed with a unique arm pocket to relieve pressure from your downside arm.
  • Patented Cradle-Loc™ design of MedCline holds you in the ideal relief position without sliding down.
  • MedCline is constructed with high quality materials tested to last at least 5 years.
  • And, MedCline creates and maintains the position clinically proven to be the most effective position for relief – an inclined, side-sleeping position.
  • But, above all, what’s the most compelling reason to buy MedCline over a wedge or bed risers?

The Clinical Results.

A series of independent Clinical Trials conducted by the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic studied MedCline head to head vs. a wedge. MedCline was proven to be significantly more effective than a wedge and was rated twice as comfortable. Here are some study highlights:
  • 93% reported a reduction in heartburn
  • 89% reported a reduction in regurgitation
  • 87% reduction of acid exposure measured in the esophagus
  • 95% reported an improvement in overall sleep quality
If you are searching for a natural treatment for your nighttime heartburn and acid reflux, consider trying the MedCline Reflux Relief system as it has addressed the pitfalls of traditional bed wedges and bed risers to significantly increase the benefits of sleep positioning.