If you have any questions, please contact our Sleep Specialists today! 

Protection from acid reflux is very important for your health, as well as your ability to sleep at night. Please allow us to help you find the relief you were seeking when you purchased MedCline. Our MedCline Sleep Specialists are available to discuss the adjustment issues you are having and offer you some of the many comfort tips we have learned from our customers over the years. For example:

  • Did you know that if the MedCline you purchased doesn't fit your torso properly, you will experience many comfort issues, such as underarm discomfort and sliding down at night? Let us help you find the best solution for you!
  • Did you know that foam does have an initial break-in period, which can last 1-2 weeks? During this time, the foam can soften up to 20% with nightly use.
  • Did you know that all new foam does have a smell to it, which typically dissipates within 72 hours? To hurry the process along, you can remove the cases, wash them, and air out the foam itself (outside in the shade, if possible). Fluffing and shaking the body pillow vigorously can help too! If you purchased a MedCline System, feel free to use your own head pillow with the MedCline Incline Wedge until the body pillow is ready to use.

If you do not feel that MedCline is the right solution for you, you can call us at 800-610-1607 to complete your Return Request over the phone. 

Once your return has been received at the recycling center, your payment method (credit card, paypal, or Klarna) will be credited for the purchase price minus the 10% recycling fee. Credits are made within 3 business days of receipt but the time it takes to appear on your statement may vary. For Klarna returns, you should receive notification from Klarna once the refund has been made but we do recommend that you contact Klarna directly to close out your account.