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Shoulder Pain

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Sleep Better with the MedCline Shoulder Relief System

The MedCline Shoulder Relief System is expertly designed to offer all-night comfort and support your healing path, whether your shoulder pain is a chronic struggle or the result of an injury. Our three-component Sleep System gently supports your entire body, lifting, and alleviating the pressure you’d typically put on your shoulder while you sleep, which may also keep your nighttime symptoms from getting worse.

Key Benefits of the
Shoulder Relief System

  • Patented arm pocket for comfortable side sleeping
  • Gel-infused foam for cooling comfort
  • Designed for left- or right side-sleeping
  • Takes up ½ of a queen-sized bed
  • Creates 10° angle of elevation
  • One size fits all
  • Four types of strategically placed, Certi-PUR® foam
  • Medical-grade materials for effectiveness and longevity
  • Adjustable stuffing in the Therapeutic Body Pillow
  • Removable and washable pre-installed cases

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Over 100,000 MedCline customers

Most surprising but best purchase!

In a span of 4 years I've had 2 shoulder surgeries (L& R) and 2 manipulations (L& R) and I'm having another one soon. I bought the shoulder relief system not having any faith and being very skeptical about it providing relief for me. I love my pillows! I have all sorts of body pains and disorders and with this it does help me have relief and sleep better. It is like my own cozy little nook as my husband says. It's amazing and I'm so glad that I found it on Instagram of all places. I have recommended it on a few of my FB support groups I'm in as I think it doesn't just have to be for shoulders. :)

- Jamie


Shoulder tendinitis. Looked on line for help sleeping. Found this and ordered. Opened up shipping box, fluffed up contents, experimented with some arrangements for the body pillow. Ding! First painless night's sleep in a loooong time. Pricey item, but worth every penny. Don't hesitate to order.

- Brad C

No more shoulder pain

For years I have had shoulder pain while sleeping. I normally get 3 hours of sleep a night waking in pain. I bought every pillow on the market. I looked the MedCline pillow for a month before I finally gave in and bought it. When it arrived I unpacked and was gonna try it out...I put it on the bed and laid down and within ten minutes I was asleep. It usually takes me hours to unwind. when I woke I felt so refreshed. I've used the pillow now about a week and I am sleeping upwards of 5 hours a night and NO SHOULDER PAIN. I love this pillow... and highly recommend it to everyone who is suffering.

- Diane N

Customers have found relief from:

Rotator cuff injuries
Arm falling asleep at night
Nerve impingement
Post-surgical recovery
General shoulder pain

How the MedCline Shoulder Relief System Works

Relieves Pressure

Patented arm pocket allows your arm to rest comfortably without having it fall asleep or trigger shoulder pain.

Gradual Incline

Elevates your upper body at a 10° angle to take the pressure off of your downside arm and shoulder.

Symmetrical Design

Allows for both left and right-side sleeping with flexible arm positions so you can comfortably sleep on either side with the same shoulder relief benefits.

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