While developed for acid reflux,
MedCline also provides unparalleled relief from
chronic shoulder pain at night.

Finally, a night without shoulder pain

The MedCline System, with its patented arm pocket, allows your arm to naturally drop down to rest comfortably on the mattress  – without all the pressure of all your body weight on your downside arm and shoulder.


Key Features

Relieves pressure

Patented arm pocket relieves shoulder pressure so you can sleep comfortably on your side.

Body pillow included

Plush body pillow conforms to your body providing additional side-sleeping support and comfort. 

Symmetrical design

Sleep on your right or left side. Wide enough so you can easily turn throughout the night.

Flexible arm positions

Position your arm either out straight onto the bed surface or tucked under your pillow.

Sleep like a superstar

From those feeling the lingering effects of an old sports injury to those suffering with arthritis or bursitis in the shoulder, the MedCline System allows you to once again sleep comfortably on your side. Get back to doing what you love. One night at a time.

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Your vulnerable shoulder, the body’s most mobile joint, deserves its own bed.

The MedCline System, which is simply placed on top of your mattress. creates a personalized nest for your downside arm and shoulder. The body pillow, included in the System, is filled with shredded memory foam so that it can be customized to your comfort. Your shoulder no longer has to suffer by sleeping on a flat mattress.

Ever wish your mattress had a hole for your arm?

No more tossing or turning trying to find a comfortable position. By removing pressure from your downside arm and shoulder, you are finally able to sleep on your side. And, the symmetrical design allows you to sleep on either the right or left side.

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Over 100,000 happy customers.

Relief is finally here!

If you are like so many of our customers, you have tried everything to get relief from nighttime shoulder pain and are still suffering. MedCline is your answer.

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