December 06, 2012 2 min read

Our mission at MedCline is to help acid reflux sufferers find relief and we’re genuinely excited about what we have to offer.

It all started a couple of years ago when Carl Melcher, MD, a life-long GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) sufferer, was tired of the acid reflux symptoms that were keeping him awake at night. He set out to develop an all-natural sleep system and was passionate about making it the most effective, comfortable and practical treatment possible.

After nearly two years of research, testing and tweaking, MedCline was introduced and quickly began to make a difference in the lives of people suffering from acid reflux. Okay, we’ll admit that sounds a bit dramatic but if you suffer from acid reflux, then you know how good it feels to be relieved of the heartburn, be rid of the bitter taste in your mouth or settle the regurgitation, bloating and nausea after eating. If you haven’t been sleeping well because of these symptoms, then imagine waking up fully refreshed from a good night’s sleep.

And since we have you imagining … if you’ve been dealing with acid reflux two or more times a week, (in which case you may have been diagnosed with GERD) think about the healing that can take place in your body when it has a break from harsh acid in the esophagus and throat. The reality is that acid-reflux isn’t just a bothersome ailment with uncomfortable symptoms. Acid reflux can be serious if left unchecked. Stomach acid that lingers for too long anywhere but in the stomach, on too many occasions, can be damaging. So it’s important to do what you can now to put acid-reflux to rest.

While we hope you’ll make MedCline part of your solution, we want you to join us as we take on acid reflux and shed some light on the symptoms, causes and remedies.

With our mission of helping acid reflux and GERD sufferers, we’ll share with you what’s working, what’s hurting and what’s being discussed in the medical community.

Providing you with the tools to help you live better is a privilege as well as a responsibility that we take seriously.

And we sleep better knowing that you can too.